Our Model

Fly High With Our Programme

Stage 1

Meet the team and learn the Redline values. We welcome anyone hungry for success and with our support and motivation, we will settle you into the Redline way. You will learn the basics of accounting, tax planning, recruitment, insurance and hiring. This is where your journey begins.

Stage 2

You will attend professional and inspirational meetings to help you take full advantage of the marketing tools and strategies at Redline. This will allow you to set out to achieve huge goals and achieve high levels of success.

Stage 3

You will take your skills and business acumen and apply it to your own office and your very own team. Through the continued support of our senior members, you will apply your knowledge and skills to your team to evolve new talent. Your first taste of business leadership and entrepreneurship.

Stage 4

Once you have reached this stage, you will independently apply our strategies and business model to your team. The aim is for high success and rewards. You will have fully mastered our entrepreneur programme and will be striving for limitless goals.

Celebration of Achievement

We congratulate and celebrate our successful entrepreneurs who have truly mastered our model and now run a high-flying business of their own, adding to the growth of the business.